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46 Hour Teen Drivers Ed Classes at Silverlake Driving School

Get Your Texas Teen Driver Permit in Just 3 Days!

Join us at Silverlake Driving School in Pearland

Complete 46 hr Teen Driver Education Class - $365

  • Must be 15 years old
  • Leads to an instruction permit after the 3rd day of class
  • Required to obtain your TX drivers license at 16 years old
  • 32 hrs of classroom instruction and 14 hrs in-car instruction

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Our classroom is large and comfortable and each class is presented in an engaging and entertaining style.

Come and visit Silverlake Driving School's beautiful facilities in Pearland and check out our new, well-maintained cars and trucks. Huge state-of-the art classroom with 42" HD monitor, state-certified curriculum and instructors all come together to create the best teen driver education experience available.

Our current fleet of teaching vehicles includes 2008 Chevy Cobalt, 2007 Ford Fusion and 2007 Ford F-150 pick-up.


  1. LOCATION - We chose our location to provide your child with a safe driving environment for new and inexperienced drivers, out of the heavy traffic in the Silverlake area. We are conveniently located in the center of Pearland with easy access to the Friendswood, Sagemont, Southeast Houston, Alvin, Manvel and Silverlake areas. We currently have students from over 30 secondary schools.
  2. INSTRUCTION VEHICLES AND INSURANCE - Our vehicles are low mileage, well-maintained, safe and comfortable, chosen with safety in mind for your student. You should ask to see insurance policies and maintenance records at any driving school you are considering.
  3. FACILITY – Designed with your student’s comfort and safety in mind. Comfortable classroom, clean kitchen & restrooms, new textbooks and videos. Curriculum is approved by the Texas Education Agency.
  4. STAFF - Our instructors and office staff CARE about you and your student. They are certified and licensed by the Texas Education Agency. An owner is present during all hours and your student will be supervised at all times.
  5. ATTITUDE/SPIRIT - We are a Christian-based business run with your student’s safety and best interest in mind. Ask any of our graduates and their parents!

We are here to make our roads safer for everyone... at a time when our children need the best driving education possible. We want to offer the most relevant and meaningful driving training available to teens and adults, presented in a way that is interesting, comfortable, and engaging.

We're here to help!

Please call us at 281-485-2811 with any questions about the training we offer. Our telephone is answered 24 hours a day by a live person. You will never be lost in a recorded answering system. Silverlake Driving School is open from 12 Noon until 8 pm each weekday and from 10 - 2 pm on Saturdays!

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.


In addition to teen driver education, we also offer a Drug & Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (which affords you an additional 5% discount on your student's insurance).

The high cost of auto insurance is a concern for all parents of new drivers. Successful completion of our state-certified teen driver education course offers a 10% discount on your teen’s insurance premium.

We have chosen to include a six-hour approved Drug & Alcohol Driving Awareness Program in our standard curriculum because we strongly feel that each new teen driver needs this information. All of our students receive this instruction and may purchase a Certificate of Completion for the six hours we spend learning about the risks of driving while under the influence of alcohol or any type of drug, even simple over-the-counter products. The certificate is $20.00 and will offer an additional 5% discount on your teen’s insurance premium. Again, ALL of our students receive the DADAP program whether you chose to purchase the Completion Certificate or not.

Many large insurance companies are offering other discount programs for new drivers. Some large companies offer discounts for academic achievement. Please check with your personal insurance agent to learn what discounts might be available to you and learn how the discounts will affect your premium costs when your teen begins to drive.

NOTE: Students must still pass the Driving Skills Examination at a DPS Testing Facility.

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SILVERLAKE DRIVING SCHOOL is conveniently located in the center of Pearland
at 5402 Broadway, Suite 106, in the Dollar Tree Center.
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Silverlake Driving School in Pearland
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